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The New QSM Website

New QSM Website Homepage

Our team has been working hard to make sure we’re making your job as a project manager, estimator or company executive as easy as possible. QSM is more than an estimation company, providing predictive analytics to support fact-based decisions and realistic resource demand predictions for enterprise level capacity planning. This means that no matter where you are with your project or portfolio, you can find the information you need quickly and easily.    

So, as you may have noticed when you came to our site today, things are looking a little bit different, as we’ve rolled out our new and improved website! Our hope is that you’ll find it incredibly easy to navigate. If you aren’t exactly sure where to start, right on the home page you can now select a starting point by clicking on any of the following buttons:

At a quick glance of the homepage, you can also now get a brief overview of QSM and the industries we serve, and access our blog, news, and client list

One of our primary goals for the new site is to help each and every visitor understand the problems we solve, so they can better serve the companies, organizations and government agencies they work for.  This new drop down menu includes the following:

Lastly, we wanted to make sure there was a clear place for people to go to read more about QSM’s services, as well as products.  QSM has recently released a number of new services, specific to individual projects, portfolios of projects, skills building, and government needs.

The new site is responsive and optimized to any device, making it easy to access whether you’re in the office or on the go.

We hope you’ll check out the new website and all of our great new content about the benefits of software estimation and how QSM can help you manage your software project portfolio! 

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