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Software project failure is a fact of life, right?

It’s frightening how many organizations hold this belief—and yet it’s easy to understand why, when nearly 80% of all software development projects fail to meet their budget, schedule, or functionality requirements.

But here the dirty little secret: it isn’t the really the projects that are failing; it's the failure to negotiate reasonable customer expectations.

When organizations set arbitrary constraints based on wishful thinking or external pressures, those projects are doomed to failure before they even begin.

So at QSM, we use data-driven estimation (based on 10,000 real-life software projects) to right this ridiculous wrong—saving billions of dollars, reclaiming millions of lost hours, and turning software project failure into a distant memory.

How it Works

Estimation isn’t about seeing the future; it’s about using the past to make better decisions in the present.

By looking at verified data from tens of thousands of past software projects, we can quickly and easily determine whether today’s projects are poised for success, or doomed to failure.

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