Agile, From a Higher Level

Manage software project expectations through agile by using SLIM

Manage software project expectations through agile by using SLIM

The benefits of agile development are clear, but what if your entire organization could be more agile? What if you could determine what your teams are capable of before committing to a software project? What if you could track the success of your current projects and determine if you will deliver your required customer value on time? QSM can help at each stage of the software project lifecycle. We will help you estimate and forecast your velocity before your software project even starts. We can also help you manage the backlog early in the lifecycle. Once a project begins, we provide scope and defect tracking to show if you’re on schedule to deliver working software. With a project database of over 10,000 projects that includes a large subset of agile projects, you’ll see what’s reasonable and how your projects measure up.


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When it comes to agile estimation, we offer a variety of solutions - from tools to services or a combination of both - specifically tailored to your needs. 

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