Re-forecast In-flight Projects

QSM helps you get to your destination no matter how many wrong turns you take.

Adjust your forecasts on the fly. Recalculate in real time.

Things change—even to the best of project plans.

New scope requirements get added to projects, mid-stream; promised resources fail to materialize; or productivity wavers unexpectedly.

Whichever the case may be, you’re in big trouble if your forecasting can’t adapt to changing realities on the ground.

With QSM, you can compare estimates to actuals in real time—using in-flight data to recalibrate schedule, cost, and other expectations.

As new data rolls in, QSM forecasting analytics behave like the GPS system in your car—reacting to new information and creating a revised path forward.

Return on Investment

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When it comes to re-forecasting in-flight projects, we offer a variety of solutions - from tools to services or a combination of both - specifically tailored to your needs.

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