SLIM-Estimate for Software Project Estimation

SLIM gives you the power to make realistic, data-driven software cost and schedule estimates.

Best-in-Class Systems and Software Project Estimation, Customizable to Any Design Process

Are spreadsheet estimates failing to deliver? Are you struggling to determine whether cost, schedule, and scope expectations are realistic or recipes for disaster? Are you having trouble aligning your "realistic" project or portfolio resource demand with fixed resource capacity? Then it’s time to graduate from clumsy spreadsheets to the industry’s best systems and software project estimation tool—QSM’s SLIM-Estimate.

With SLIM-Estimate, you’ll instantly know the cost, time, and effort required to satisfy any set of requirements, and the best strategies for designing and implementing your software project.

SLIM-Estimate uses a proven top-down approach that minimizes the input information required to produce fact based, defensible estimates. In addition to software cost estimation, SLIM-Estimate’s high level of configurability accommodates the many different design processes used by developers today—including agile development, business intelligence, package implementation, hardware, call center development, infrastructure, model-based development, engineering and architecture design, service-oriented architecture, SAP, Oracle, and more.

SLIM-Estimate Benefits

Estimate the duration, cost, reliability, and risk of your software project

Provide macro-level and detailed estimates in less time and save days in the planning process

Estimate at the portfolio level using SLIM-MasterPlan

Tailor your estimate to any design process

Provide a scope estimate early, before any task planning occurs

Evaluate and sanity-check project plan alternatives with industry data or your own history before any task-level planning occurs

Validate estimates with the QSM Database, one of the largest industry databases of its kind

Negotiate a reasonable schedule and budget, using SLIM's powerful reporting capability

Customize estimates with a push of a button

Eliminate updating and double entry with smart components

Interface with MS Office and the Web

SLIM-Estimate Screenshots

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Return on Investment

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