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Global Systems Integrator designates SLIM as one of its preferred estimation tools.

Very typical of a large systems integrator, this company was losing a significant gross margin each year due to inaccurate software estimates for projects on which they were competing for or executing on behalf of clients. Furthermore, the estimation process was inconsistent and did not adequately leverage estimation tools or process.
QSM provided custom software estimation training, mentoring, process consulting and tools. Designed and delivered a custom “train the trainer” class for the client’s Estimation Center of Excellence. QSM assisted in development of a specialized estimation template and training materials for all project types including complex systems integration projects. Well over 2,000 users across the globe were trained in software estimation using SLIM.
Since 2009, client has institutionalized a centralized estimation, tracking and benchmarking process using QSM tools and methods that are quantitative, objective and uniform. To date, metrics for well over 2,500 client-specific projects have been captured in a historical data repository supplied by QSM. Enterprise estimation capability saved the company over $400M in margin from more responsive sales and more profitable delivery. A formal internal ROI case study from just one account reported a cost savings of $11M.


This company is one of the world's largest business and technology services provider with over 100,000 employees and an annual revenue of over $20B. A QSM customer for the last 12 years, this company has designated SLIM® as one of its preferred estimation validation tools.