About QSM

Pioneers and innovators since 1978.

The QSM Advantage

As pioneers and innovators in the software estimation field since 1978, QSM is more than a company; it's the philosophy that defines our mission. Our goal is to help our clients use proven business analytics to predictably deliver world-class software solutions. QSM provides superior estimation products and consulting that enable our clients to estimate, track and benchmark projects with confidence. QSM tools and methods can help you negotiate achievable goals, set realistic expectations and communicate more effectively with your colleagues and customers.

QSM was founded by Larry Putnam, Sr. in 1978. Larry possesses more than 30 years of experience as a software management consultant and has worked on more than 400 client engagements. Considered to be among the top problem solvers in the software estimation and measurement field, Larry has authored five books and hundreds of articles. He has been sought internationally as a speaker and management consultant.

Over the years, Larry's two sons and daughter have joined him at the helm as Co-CEOs. Larry Putnam, Jr. manages products and customer care; Doug Putnam handles consulting and services; and Lauren Thayer heads product development. Like their father, each has made significant contributions to the software measurement field. They have published numerous articles and white papers and delivered more than 100 speeches on software estimation and measurement. 

Headquartered in Washington, DC with offices across the U.S. and partners around the world, QSM has established itself as the leading total solution provider of business analytics tools, consulting, research, and education for software developers in high-performance, mission-critical environments.

The QSM Project Database

The QSM Database is the cornerstone of our business. We use validated metrics collected from more than 10,000 completed software projects to keep our products current with the latest tools and methods. The metrics also allow us to support our benchmarking business, to keep our customers informed as they move into new areas, and to develop better predictive algorithms.

Since we began building our database in 1978, we have collected project data continuously, updating the database every 12 to 18 months and adding hundreds of validated projects every year since its inception. Our primary source of data comes from our clients, some of whom allow QSM to include their project data in the database. QSM also collects data, by permission, through its ongoing consulting work in the areas of productivity assessments, estimates, and cost-to-completes.