Training Overview

QSM helps you develop the skills you’ll need to achieve extraordinary results.

Training Overview

QSM implements a comprehensive approach to equip you with the knowledge and support you need to be proficient using SLIM tools and understand how and when to apply the right approach to solve problems. Our three-prong program includes

1. TRAINING – Our courses teach the foundation of the SLIM’s empirical estimation methodology, the relationship between core metrics, characteristics of a good estimate, and components of a repeatable estimation process. Hands-on application of these foundational concepts using our tools builds practical skills you can apply as soon as you return to your business. We keep class sizes small to promote discussions of common challenges, and ensure each student is successful. We offer regularly scheduled online instructor-led classes, easy to fit into your schedule. Private classes are available. Ask your account manager.

2. COACHING – Learning continues as you work one-on-one with a QSM coach to configure SLIM products to model the unique characteristics of your environment. You can begin with QSM default settings and industry data and progress to highly customized templates to estimate different development methodologies, staffing profiles, resource skill sets, custom trends and more. Our experts will help you solve your most pressing challenges, and progress at your own pace. We recommend you schedule 3 to 5 sessions immediately following training.
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3. SUPPORT – Support is available with your SLIM license. You can contact our experienced support team by phone or email to ask questions or schedule a consultation. A variety of technical reports, presentations, and how-tos on key topics such as productivity, uncertainty and risk, sizing projects, and modeling defects are available on the Support Library page. Our Support Video Tutorials let you learn what you need to know when you need to know it, as many times as you like.
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QSM works with you to tailor our education program to fit the needs of your organization. We offer onsite training and workshops on advanced topics. Self-paced training videos are also available for selected courses. For more information, contact Laura Zuber at 703-749-3690.


Our instructors are professionals in the software project management and measurement industry with many years of problem-solving experience. They understand the complexities of building software products and know how to adapt QSM tools to accommodate a wide range of circumstances. This enables them to address the special interests of each group.

Course Offerings

Instructor-led online classes are offered in one or more 3-hour sessions Full course descriptions are found on the Training Registration page.

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