SLIM-DataManager Data Repository

SLIM gives you the power to build and analyze a vast collection of completed software projects.

Data Sharing and Storage for Process Improvement

Are you still capturing project metrics in spreadsheets—with little ability to share data across the enterprise? Are different teams capturing different metrics, with no standardization? Can you add new metrics and scale your corporate repository as your analytical needs expand?

QSM’s SLIM-DataManager will meet all your enterprise data repository requirements.

SLIM-DataManager is a robust data repository tool—included with the QSM SLIM Suite—that helps create a sharable corporate database of your completed projects. Once implemented, SLIM-DataManager works hand-in-hand with the full complement of SLIM tools to analyze your data, uncover key relationships and trends, and support fact-based estimation.

SLIM-DataManager Benefits

Interfaces easily to other databases

Provides the ability to set up custom metrics within the client’s historical database.

Stores Size, Cost, Effort, Productivity, Reliability, Custom Measurements, and Project Review information.

Lists all of the projects being stored in the SLIM-DataManager for quick viewing and analysis.

Lists all of the summary information including size, division, entry date, development class, and productivity index.

Lays out all of the project details including the cost, duration, effort, and peak staff by phase. Also includes size productivity, and language information.

SLIM-DataManager Screenshots

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