Return on Investment

QSM intelligence turns the toughest challenges into resounding success stories.

A global transportation/shipping corporation dramatically improves their estimation process.

The Enterprise Application Services (EAS) division of this $40B corporation provides expansive planning and technology support for all of its global operating subsidiaries and components. EAS maintains the software (2,500+ discrete applications) that enables worldwide operations in 220 countries. Unfortunately, they had a fragmented, inconsistent estimation model based on spreadsheets, excessive contingency allowance and “gut-feel” recommendations. With application updates, enhancements, new releases or program installations potentially impacting a wide range of interrelated, mission-essential systems, this particular client needed a structured and more uniform, cost effective way of performing accurate estimations.
QSM provided custom software estimation training, mentoring, process consulting and SLIM tools. QSM consultants assisted with the conception and launch of an Estimation Center of Excellence, including drafting a guiding Charter. They trained 70+ end users in estimation. They collected, validated and normalized data for 50+ historical projects that were systematically vetted and entered into SLIM-DataManager. Then, they constructed Estimation Templates for each primary application domain. Finally, they optimized the estimation business process to support key management decision points.
EAS has since institutionalized a metrics-based oversight process using QSM tools and methods that are quantitative, objective and uniform. The cost of re-baselining out of scope projects has gone down by 90%. Estimate accuracy regarding the demand for internal and external resources has improved dramatically. Greater precision in early estimation stages has improved both budget and program predictability. They have realized a noticeable reduction in disruptions to stakeholders from late delivery.


The Enterprise Application Services (EAS) division of a global transportation/shipping corporation has a fragmented, inconsistent estimation model based on spreadsheets. They leverage QSM consulting and tools to dramatically improve their estimation process.