SLIM-MasterPlan for Software Portfolio Estimation

SLIM gives you the power to assess multiple software projects with complex interrelationships.

Big Picture Intelligence and Portfolio-Level Analysis

Can you see the big picture on a multi-faceted project or portfolio of projects? Can you quickly determine how changing one project’s scope, staffing or productivity will impact the whole portfolio? Do you know if your current resource capacity can support tomorrow’s pipeline of demand?

SLIM-MasterPlan—working in concert with the full SLIM Suite—provides a comprehensive solution to these and other challenges.

SLIM-MasterPlan is ideal for analyzing organizational portfolios and planning large complex system integrations. In fact, using its global "what-if simulator," you can easily analyze multiple projects with complex interrelationships, and quickly assess alternatives.

SLIM-MasterPlan Benefits

Creates and imports program and system level estimates for cost, duration, and reliability into global analysis views for enterprise planning.

Adjustable graphs to see how a schedule slip at the release level effects the system level duration, budget and risk.

Provides the user with the ability to evaluate the risk on the overall program and system.

Interactive Big Picture Views display all of the project estimates in a global view independently or rolled up at the system level.

Task Sequencer enables the user to automate the setting up or rearranging of project task plans to see the cost, duration, reliability, and risk impacts.

What If Analysis provides the ability to see how a change in productivity, size, or staff at the project or release level affects the overall system or program.

SLIM-MasterPlan Screenshots

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