Measure Productivity & Quality

QSM helps take the guesswork—and the emotion—out of performance measurement.

The real, unfiltered truth.

Words like "efficient" and "high-quality" can mean different things to different people. So when it comes time to review an IT department’s performance, who’s to say what makes the grade?

With QSM, you’ll have impartial, quantitative assessments of every IT project in your portfolio, based on verifiable industry standards and benchmarks.

If you’re outsourcing projects, QSM will help you measure the true performance of your vendors—or we’ll help you determine the precise ROI of your organization’s internal and external IT investments.

Start with our database of 10,000 real-world projects—then use your own historical data to generate evaluations and comparisons with even greater accuracy.

And be done with unsupported claims, unwarranted criticisms, and fuzzy performance math—for good.

Return on Investment

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When it comes to measuring productivity and quality, we offer a variety of solutions - from tools to services or a combination of both - specifically tailored to your needs.

Tell us more about your current business challenges and let us show you how we can help.