SLIM-Control for Software Project Tracking

SLIM gives you the power to assess software projects at a glance.

Software Project Oversight and Adaptive Forecasting for Predicting and Achieving Project Success in Real Time

When software projects veer off track or change in scope, can you easily forecast new schedules and budgets? Are you frustrated by cost and schedule overruns on software projects your enterprise PPM system rated "low risk"? Do you need a better, more quantitative way to manage your outsourced vendor-developed projects?

QSM’s SLIM-Control helps your software projects stay on course like a GPS navigation system does for your car. Using statistical process control techniques, SLIM-Control compares project plans against project actuals—then generates a forecast to completion. It offers both built-in and user-defined metrics, as well as earned value charting and reporting.

SLIM-Control Benefits

Provide software project oversight and plan versus actual performance

Provide a macro-level view of the project’s ongoing performance

Track at the project level and with SLIM-MasterPlan at the portfolio level

Re-Estimate based on changes that occur on the project

See early warnings with traffic light monitoring when project goals are not being achieved

Measure in-progress project productivity and evaluate management alternatives throughout the software project lifecycle

Import project plans created in SLIM-Estimate or SLIM-DataManager

Track project actuals against the plan using SLIM-Control's core metric set

Assess software project status at a glance

Generate forecasts based on actual performance to date

Evaluate different staffing options using SLIM-Control's Tradeoff Forecast

Eliminate updating and double entry with smart components

Use current industry benchmarks

Interface with MS Office and the Web

SLIM-Control Screenshots

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Return on Investment

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