Improve Estimation

QSM helps you produce smarter, more accurate estimates fast.

Bid farewell to the guesstimate.

Too often, software project estimates feel about as accurate as a Magic 8-Ball.

But that’s because what most of us think of as “estimation” is really just bottom-up planning—dividing a software project into its component tasks, and then trying to pair each task with plausible time and resource numbers.

QSM estimation is completely different.

It’s based on real, verified project data, and it happens from the top-down—long before prohibitive schedules, budgets, and task lists get cemented into place.

Which makes our quantitative estimates exponentially more accurate, consistent, and useful than anything you’ve seen before.

Return on Investment

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When it comes to improving estimation, we offer a variety of solutions - from tools to services or a combination of both - specifically tailored to your needs.

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