About QSM

Pioneers and innovators since 1978.

QSM Clients

Civilian Government Agencies

QSM helps civilian government agencies evaluate, track and benchmark their vendor bids while controlling their costs on software development and IT projects. QSM consulting and the SLIM Suite provide program oversight, help reduce time to market, and manage project risk.

Commercial Engineering

QSM tools and services fully support all software engineering applications, while providing reliability management and reducing risk and delivery time.

Commercial IT

From building estimation centers, supporting IT governance, providing business intelligence, to estimating large and small programs, QSM has over 35 years of experience providing reliable estimates, backed by best-in-class support and the QSM Industry Database, one of the largest industry databases of its kind.

DoD Agencies

Our DoD clients require estimation and oversight experience needed to manage and plan complex DOD programs, where critical decisions need to be made on multi-million dollar defense software development and multi-year maintenance programs. QSM Consulting and the SLIM Suite of tools fully support the measurement of mission-critical programs that need to get done on time and within budget with the highest reliability standards.


Financial organizations and insurance companies need precise, responsive data at their fingertips to make intelligent decisions, stop problems before they start, and foster ongoing IT excellence. That’s why many  of the top financial and insurance organizations in the world rely on QSM tools and services for assessing the feasibility of vendor proposals, measuring vendor productivity, negotiating reasonable budget/cost and schedule parameters, and managing projects as they happen to make sure they’re on target.

Government Contractors

From proposals to in-house development, QSM Consulting and the SLIM Suite of estimation tools are the backbone of the project estimation and oversight effort. They provide cost, size, effort, reliability, and duration estimates, along with analyzing risk and estimating change requests.

Software Producers

Increasing time to market, improving reliability, and saving on development costs are the keys to software producers' success. Our clients leverage our feasibility assessments and detailed estimates to find out early in the planning process when a schedule or budget is unreasonable and manage that risk.

Systems Integrators

7 of the top 10 global system integrators use SLIM! Our tools and services offer the measurement support needed for both straightforward and complex program management.