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Understanding Software Estimation, Negotiation, and Enterprise Demand Management: An Executive Primer


Historically, only 20% of software projects are completed successfully and with software becoming critical to nearly every company and industry, having such a high rate of failure is simply unacceptable anymore. It is for this reason that QSM has recently released, “Understanding Software Estimation, Negotiation, and Demand Management,” a collection of articles that will aid anyone from project managers to CIOs in implementing software estimation, negotiation and demand management methods efficiently to reduce costs.

Larry Putnam, Sr., founder of QSM and a pioneer and top problem solver in the software estimation and measurement field, provides the foreword to the book, which is co-authored by his son and granddaughter, Doug Putnam and Taylor Putnam-Majarian. Combined, the authors bring more than 40 years of experience in software measurement to a range of topics.

Five Core Metrics: The Intelligence Behind Successful Software Management
Lawrence H. Putnam and Ware Myers


In their newest book, authors Lawrence H. Putnam and Ware Myers leverage a large database of completed software projects to show how software projects can be planned, tracked, and controlled using Five Core Metrics. By focusing on a tried and true metric set (Time, Effort, Size, Reliability, and Process Productivity), managers can assess risk factors, anticipate surprises that cause project failure, respond to changing conditions, and replan with confidence.

"...an invaluable resource for project managers and project leaders... managers bombarded with software measurements will find what Putnam and Myers refer to as the 'five core metrics' to be a welcome solution to their metric woes."

- Michelle Giles, StickyMinds.com

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"...a must-read for managers who want to bring development under control.. provides a comprehensive approach to achieving predictability in the software development process."

- Joe Saur, ACM Software Engineering Notes

2003, 328 pages softcover, available from Dorset House Publishing for $49.95 (includes $6.00 UPS shipping/handling).


Measures for Excellence: Reliable Software on Time, Within Budget

Lawrence H. Putnam and Ware Myers


Excellent text for measurement and estimation professionals. Describes in detail the theories and data underlying SLIM (Software LIfecycle Model) tools. Addresses size estimation, schedule and effort estimation, schedule/manpower trade-offs, productivity measurement, defect forecasting, project control and adaptive forecasting. Includes appendix with equations and processes for a simplified version of the SLIM model.

378 pages, soft cover, $77 plus $5 shipping/handling.



Executive Briefing: Controlling Software Development
Lawrence H. Putnam and Ware Myers


Helps senior executives sort out the knowledge they need to operate effectively at a high level. Covers two aspects of software development: progress and control of individual projects, and long-run improvement of the software process.

80 pages, soft cover, $22 plus $5 shipping/handling.



Industrial Strength Software: Effective Management Using Measurement (1997)
Lawrence H. Putnam and Ware Myers


This book presents the value information you need for ensuring the effective management of projects, the attainment of reliable products, and the continuing improvement of the software process. With this book, the software development executive will be able to overcome the chaos associated with the lack of a managed, defined, planned, and disciplined process for developing software.

309 pages, soft cover, $15 plus shipping/handling.



Software Cost Estimating and Life-Cycle Control (1980)
Lawrence H. Putnam


This text presents a quantitative methodology of cost estimating and discusses economics, trade-off opportunities, and investment strategies for effective planning and control of software development. Putnam shows that the problem of software cost estimating is not insoluble and that cost overruns are not inevitable.

349 pages, soft cover, $30 plus shipping/handling.