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Webinar: Shifting to Agile Methods - The Keys for Long-Term Success

On Thursday, February 16, 2012 1:00 PM PM EST, QSM will co-host "Shifting to Agile Methods - The Keys for Long-Term Success" together with Accurev.

Changes to the software development process, such as moving toward Agile methods, must demonstrate sustainable results over time versus just short-term wins.  There are two keys to reaching long-term success that should be considered up front – the new process must be repeatable and measurable. 

In this session, AccuRev’s Chris Lucca and QSM’s Larry Putnam, Jr. will explore these two keys to success.  

Specifically, they will cover:

  • The state of software development projects yesterday versus today and the impact to the software development process
  • The techniques and tools that can help a team to build a process that is repeatable and scalable, even across a distributed team
  • Which metrics and measurement processes are important to measuring the results and improvements of implementing repeatable and scalable processes
  • How to use metrics to estimate project schedules, resources and reliability, and monitor project progress and forecast completion
  • Ways to benchmark the results at project completion for time to market, cost performance and reliability – all of which provide the business case for continued investments in technology and repeatable and scalable processes

View the replay of this webinar here.

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