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Is It Bigger than a Breadbox? Getting Started with Release Estimation

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How can we estimate a project in advance, while still maintaining the ability to manage the backlog in an Agile manner? In this article, Andy Berner answers that question, compares release-level estimation to the techniques used for iteration estimation, and gives some pointers on getting started with release estimation in an Agile environment.

The Economics of Software Product Development

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What actions can I take that will have an immediate and lasting positive impact on my development project(s)?

There are also some strategic (longer term) capital investments we can make and some process improvement policies we can adopt that will have a large impact on reducing cycle time, cutting costs, and increasing quality on future projects. The benefits of these actions can be quantified through the notion of process productivity.

Familiar Metric Management: Time Boxing

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“That phrase, time boxing, has a fine manly ring to it,” the vice president said, grinning broadly. “I like it.”

“What does it mean to you,” we inquired.

“First you box in the development time you allow a project to have,” he answered.

“No more shilly-shallying around. You draw a box on the time line, like this (Figure 1). The project people know they have to deliver at the end of the box.”