How a Collaborative Process Produces Realistic Estimates Fast Webinar Replay and Q&A Highlights

How a Collaborative Estimation Process Produces Realistic Estimates Fast

QSM's recent webinar, How a Collaborative Estimation Process Produces Realistic Estimates Fast, presented by Laura Zuber, sparked a lively Q&A session from our audience. Here are the highlights:

Q: How do I know which template to use when creating a new estimate in SLIM-WebServices?

A: That’s a good question. Your back office administrator configures templates to map to your software development lifecycle, your standard processes and different project types. The back office person can provide detailed descriptions and key information that are viewable from the Feasibility Wizard so you know which one to select.

Q: What makes a project assessed as conservative or risky?

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Webinar - How a Collaborative Estimation Process Produces Realistic Estimates Fast

Presented by Laura Zuber.

A business stakeholder (project manager, account representative, etc.) is faced with an all-too-familiar challenge: his client requests a quote for developing a new application within a very short timeframe, and not much information about scope to go on. In this webinar, QSM's Laura Zuber shows how the business stakeholder can produce a Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) estimate on the spot, using QSM's web-based solution, SLIM-WebServices. Follow his process as he collaborates with corporate estimation specialists to refine those initial estimates as they advance to more detailed stages. By incorporating contributions of a variety of project stakeholders in the estimation analysis process, the business stakeholder is able to make better business decisions.

Laura Zuber has over 22 years of experience in software development consulting and training, nine of which have been with QSM. She conducts training and demonstrations for all QSM SLIM Suite Tools and serves as a Lead QSM Support Representative. Prior to coming to QSM, Laura managed software development projects, and served as a senior software process improvement specialist at SAIC. She has performed process assessments, designed and implemented best practices, and co-lead the corporate metrics training program.

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A Year in Review

As 2013 begins to wind down and everyone begins making plans for 2014, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on all the projects we’ve worked on this year.  Despite our relatively small company size, we’ve managed to accomplish quite a bit over the last year.  Below, I’ll recap everything we’ve been up to and also highlight some of our great resources and publications in case you missed them earlier:

SLIM-WebServices Webinar Recap and Replay

Last Thursday, I hosted a webinar introducing our new, cloud-based estimation tool, SLIM-WebServices (watch the replay here). The Q&A portion of the presentation, which was fielded by both Larry Putnam, Jr. and myself, featured some great questions from the audience about the new tool's capabilities. Here are the highlights:

How will this work with the desktop version? Do they work together or separately?

Either way. The web version comes with enough information to work as a standalone. If you want more configuration capability, then you’ll want to have the desktop products and you can have a power user creating templates for the web version.

How do I use SLIM-WebServices if I don’t have the desktop tools?

You can have QSM create the templates for you on a consulting basis if you don’t have the desktop tools. SLIM-WebServices also includes standard templates representing multiple lifecycles that you can download very easily. However, any customization would need to be done with the desktop tools or with QSM Consulting.

Can we have a company-specific estimation database so that users can select from previous estimates?

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Webinar - SLIM-WebServices: Project Estimation Goes Global

On Thursday, Nov. 8 at 1:00 PM EST, I will present SLIM-WebServices: Project Estimation Goes Global - a webinar showcasing our new, web-based estimation and measurement tool. I'm looking forward to demonstrating how this powerful, yet easy-to-use tool can be leveraged by both non-technical users and estimation experts alike to share project estimation intelligence across the entire enterprise.

For too long, project estimation intelligence has been confined to a niche group, making it difficult for business stakeholders and decision makers to get critical project planning information when they need it. Introducing SLIM-WebServices from QSM - the lighter, leaner, liberated way to share the power of SLIM with an entire enterprise. With this new cloud-based tool, we are empowering more people in more positions at more places in an enterprise - improving visibility, transparency and informed decision making. Ultimately, this is an organization's best defense against cost overruns, schedule slippages, and failed implementations. Presented by QSM Marketing Manager, Elisabeth Pendergrass, this webinar gives an overview and live demonstration of SLIM-WebServices. 

As Marketing Manager at QSM, Elisabeth Pendergrass has over 7 years of experience working in software and technology marketing. Her responsibilities at QSM include website and search engine marketing, organizing in-house and joint webinars, social media, creating marketing materials for new product offerings, and managing PR efforts. 

Register now for this webinar!

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Recent SLIM-WebServices Buzz

What would you do if you knew from the beginning that the project you were working on was doomed to fail? Would you ask for an extended deadline? More people? Or would you agree to the project manager’s needs knowing in advance that the agreed upon criteria could not be met? Unfortunately, this is a situation that faces nearly 70% of software developers, reports Adrian Bridgwater in an article for Computer Weekly. Luckily for software developers and project managers alike, the launch of QSM’s cloud-based product, SLIM-WebServices, can help your organization prevent project failure.

Through the use of QSM’s advanced algorithmic analyses and extensive project database, SLIM has assisted seven of the top 10 systems integrators in the world with their estimation and benchmarking needs. “Project intelligence is infinitely more valuable when shared,” explains Larry Putnam, Jr., co-CEO for QSM. SLIM-WebServices’ cloud-based format makes it easier than ever to share project intelligence. Users can create and share estimates anywhere there is an internet connection. Putnam concludes by stating, “With SLIM-WebServices, we’re empowering more people in more positions at more places in an enterprise – improving visibility, transparency and informed decision-making. Ultimately, this is a company’s best defense against cost overruns, schedule slippages, and failed implementations.”  

Learn more about SLIM-WebServices!

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SLIM-WebServices: QSM's New, Cloud-Based Project Estimation Tool

SLIM-WebServices is here! We are pleased to introduce the newest generation of SLIM tools: a "light and lean," cloud-based version of our world-class project estimating, tracking, and benchmarking products. With a streamlined structure and simplified user interface, SLIM-WebServices endows more people in more positions at more places in an enterprise with sophisticated project estimation intelligence – improving visibility, transparency, and global collaboration.

Whether you’re conducting a feasibility assessment, estimating a new project, tracking ongoing projects, building a historical database, or benchmarking your completed projects, SLIM-WebServices support better decision making at each stage of the software lifecycle. This powerful, yet easy-to-use tool delivers fast results using minimal inputs, allowing estimators, project managers, stakeholders, and senior management to quickly and easily share information and lessons learned. SLIM-WebServices mirror the software development lifecycle, and encourage the adoption of enterprise-wide standards for project estimation, tracking, and benchmarking.

Read the full news release.

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