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What would you do if you knew from the beginning that the project you were working on was doomed to fail? Would you ask for an extended deadline? More people? Or would you agree to the project manager’s needs knowing in advance that the agreed upon criteria could not be met? Unfortunately, this is a situation that faces nearly 70% of software developers, reports Adrian Bridgwater in an article for Computer Weekly. Luckily for software developers and project managers alike, the launch of QSM’s cloud-based product, SLIM-WebServices, can help your organization prevent project failure.

Through the use of QSM’s advanced algorithmic analyses and extensive project database, SLIM has assisted seven of the top 10 systems integrators in the world with their estimation and benchmarking needs. “Project intelligence is infinitely more valuable when shared,” explains Larry Putnam, Jr., co-CEO for QSM. SLIM-WebServices’ cloud-based format makes it easier than ever to share project intelligence. Users can create and share estimates anywhere there is an internet connection. Putnam concludes by stating, “With SLIM-WebServices, we’re empowering more people in more positions at more places in an enterprise – improving visibility, transparency and informed decision-making. Ultimately, this is a company’s best defense against cost overruns, schedule slippages, and failed implementations.”  

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