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QSM Announces New, Cloud-Based Project Estimation Tool

Addition to QSM’s SLIM Suite of Tools Brings Project Intelligence to the Entire Enterprise

MCLEAN, VA, September 25, 2012 – Quantitative Software Management, Inc. (QSM), a leader in software process improvement and systems development estimation, today launched SLIM-WebServices, a “light and lean” cloud-based version of its flagship project estimation suite, Software Lifecycle Management (SLIM). 

In moving its traditional desktop products to the cloud, QSM has opened up SLIM’s capabilities to a much larger, higher-level audience – with the added flexibility of using it as Software as a Service (SaaS) or on-premise. Boasting a lighter footprint and simplified user interface, the new offering seeks to liberate project estimation intelligence from the confines of a few designated power users, into the hands of an entire enterprise.  

“Project intelligence is infinitely more valuable when shared,” explains Larry Putnam, Jr., Co-Chief Executive Officer for QSM. “With SLIM-WebServices, we’re empowering more people in more positions at more places in an enterprise – improving visibility, transparency and informed decision making. Ultimately, this is a company’s best defense against cost overruns, schedule slippages, and failed implementations.”

QSM’s SLIM Suite of Tools comprises the industry’s top-performing solutions for estimating, tracking and benchmarking software and design projects by leveraging QSM’s unique and proprietary database of over 10,000 projects. 7 of the top 10 systems integrators in the world rely on SLIM intelligence. 

“The new WebServices solution that QSM is offering will provide great value at the front-end of the project management lifecycle,” says Hugh Klipp, Senior Manager for Business Processes at GeoEye and QSM customer since 2005. “It lets us agree on high-level estimates early on, which is critical during the negotiating stages of a project. Plus, these initial estimates can be taken in-house and used with the rest of the SLIM Suite to complete a more detailed estimate, manage time and budget throughout the life of the project and utilize the data for future estimations.”

“We are excited for QSM to be expanding the SLIM Suite to include a Web services product,” said Scott Lancaster, Vice President of Performance Management for a large institutional bank. “As a customer for over 20 years, I’ve always found that QSM’s advanced algorithms are much more powerful than any other solution in the space and has saved my company invaluable time and money.”

"Our practice group wanted to mature our capabilities in sizing and estimating to better enable a quantified approach to managing demand and capacity, while improving project planning, monitoring and control," said Michael Simonelli, Managing Director, Delivery Assurance at Moody's. " Having worked with QSM for 12 years, I knew that the SLIM product suite would help us reach those goals by providing us with the reporting tools to help measure our progress."

About Quantitative Software Management, Inc. (QSM)

Founded in 1978 by one of the pioneers of software measurement, Larry Putnam, Sr., QSM offers estimation products and consulting that enable federal and commercial clients to estimate, track and benchmark projects. QSM tools and methods help software and systems analysts negotiate achievable goals, set realistic expectations, and communicate more effectively with management and customers. QSM offers the SLIM (Software Lifecycle Management) Suite of tools, which contains metrics from a worldwide database of more than 10,000 completed projects, enabling productivity benchmarking on the desktop. Using SLIM to dynamically run 'virtual project simulations,' companies can model and forecast project releases to deliver on time, within budget with > 90% estimation accuracy. Visit us at,, and on Twitter @QSM_SLIM.