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Eight Valuable Resources for Software Project Success in 2018

Eight Software Project Resources for 2018

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Successful software execution has always been about having the most relevant data at your fingertips, but there are more ways to gain knowledge beyond graphs and charts. The sharing of best practices and information on the latest solutions, along with access to communities of like-minded individuals, can also be powerful tools for managers responsible for delivering development projects within budget and on-schedule.

At QSM, we strive to provide not just the tools, but also the information needed to help these individuals succeed. That’s why, as we look forward to 2018, we are excited to offer a wealth of resources that go well beyond our SLIM-Suite of estimation tools. These eight resources provide insight and knowledge into some of the most important components of software estimation, including agile development and project management, as well as information specifically for SLIM users.

Agile Development

  • Our webinar on The Role of Scope-Based Forecasting in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) addresses how software estimation can be used to align product vision, business value, and development velocity in organizations using SAFe. The webinar is hosted by Laura Zuber, who has decades of experience in software development, training, and support.
  • The QSM Agile Round Table series of articles is comprised of features written by some of the industry’s leading experts on agile development and software estimation. They explore a number of topics, including using agile techniques to develop software schedules, sizing agile projects, and more.

Project Management

  • QSM’s 2017 Software Almanac builds on the principles identified in the 2016 edition – the continued need for predictive analytics and estimation – and takes a look at the dangers of not applying these principles. This treasure trove of information includes 19 articles focused on The Five Core Metrics of Software Development, Management Practices, and Best Practices, as well as insight into topics such as agile, sizing, defects, continuous project tracking, and more.
  • Earlier this year, our own Doug Putnam wrote an article for GCN entitled “How to Avoid the 3 Top IT Project Risks.” He outlines some of the common pitfalls that lead to project cost and schedule overruns and how parametric estimation can help organizations stay on track.
  • Don Beckett and I also wrote a piece for Software Executive Magazine on “5 Software Laws for Smooth Product Development.” Their article addresses five core software development laws that executives must be aware of to ensure their organizations’ software projects remain on schedule and within budget.

New Offerings for SLIM Users

  • In 2017 we issued a major update to the QSM Software Project Database, which is the foundation for the SLIM-Suite of products, our consulting services and research. The database includes metrics collected from more than 13,000 completed software projects, including 2,500 new projects across nine major application domains and 45 sub-domains, further strengthening the largest and most robust continuously updated software projects metric database in the world.
  • SLIM users can also benefit from SLIM-Suite 10.0, the most recent version of QSM’s flagship software estimation, tracking, and benchmarking set of tools. Released earlier this year, this latest edition includes new quadrant chart visualization features, updated industry trends, new skills aggregation capabilities, and more.
  • Finally, we’re very excited about our new online user forum. These monthly forums allow SLIM-Suite users to ask questions, share tips, and connect with one another. It’s a great resource for users who wish to learn more about software estimation best practices from people just like themselves.

As the calendar turns to 2018, we hope you’ll make a resolution to immerse yourself in resources like these. We believe these QSM assets will provide you with insights and knowledge that will help you deliver better software and value.

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