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The 2017 Software Almanac: Development Research Series

QSM Software Almanac: 2017 Edition

Software plays an increasingly vital role in our everyday lives. It powers everything from autonomous cars and aircraft, life-saving medical equipment, and the data that allows the government to protect our country. When companies develop software, there’s no room for error. 

That’s why software predictive analysis and estimation are still extremely important. Last year, with the release of the 2016 Software Almanac, we learned that the last 35 years of predictive analytics and estimation principles were still incredibly relevant for providing reliable and applicable business intelligence for implementing successful software projects.

This year’s version of QSM’s annual Software Almanac further strengthens those findings. The 2017 Software Almanac builds on the principles identified in last year’s publication and highlights the dangers of not applying predictive analysis and estimation processes.   As stated by Angela Maria Lungu, Almanac Editor and Managing Director at QSM, these principles can be a “double-edged rearview mirror.” If you move forward without applying the historical principles of estimation and analysis correctly, their value is diminished.   Here’s what else you can expect from this year’s Almanac:

  • A forward from renowned software engineering expert Capers Jones explaining “The Continued Value of Parametric Estimation for Software. 
  • An executive summary from Angela Maria Lungu discussing the concept of the “Double Edged Rearview Mirror” and the importance of increasing efficiency, speed and quality when it comes to software projects.  
  • Nineteen articles separated into three main sections: The Five Core Metrics of Software Development, Management Practices and Best Practices.  
  • Insight into topics such as Agile, sizing, defects, continuous project tracking, quality, reliability, portfolio budgeting and more. 

We invite you to download the full, complimentary version of the 2017 QSM Almanac below.  As always, use your data to make better business decisions! 

Download the 2017 Almanac.

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