Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

How Do I Tune My Defect Category Percentages in SLIM-Control?

There's a good fit between my total defect data and the plan but in the defects by category charts, the defect actuals for each category aren't tracking the plan very well. How can I fix this?

Chances are your defect category percentages need to be adjusted. To tune these percentages using your actual data, create a Multi-Metric Time Series Chart and insert a QSM Tracked Defects Category Total (Actual) metric for each defect category you're tracking:

Menu Options Grayed Out in SLIM-Control


Sometimes, one or more of the menu items in SLIM-Control are grayed out and I'm not sure why.

Grayed out menu options generally denote features that will not become available until some condition has been satisfied. Here are some of the most common reasons a menu option may be unavailable:

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Impact of Changing Phase Staffing Shapes


What is the impact of selecting various phase staffing shapes? When should I deviate from the default Rayleigh pattern, and how is my estimate affected?

We have found that the default Rayleigh pattern is the staffing pattern that best matches the application of effort to the work to be performed but due to staffing constraints or different software management styles, you may decide that another staffing pattern fits your organization or project better.

In general, the various staffing shapes can be described as follows: 

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Is There a Limit on the Number of Projects That Can Be Loaded into SLIM-MasterPlan?


Is there a limit on the number of projects that can be loaded into SLIM-MasterPlan?

There is no limit to the number of projects you can load into MasterPlan other than what is allowed by the graphics and memory capabilities of your PC. But if your MasterPlan workbook includes an unusually large number of projects it may be difficult to see all the projects clearly on graphs.

Here are some suggestions for MasterPlan files with a large number of projects:

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Dialog Box Too Big for Screen


In SLIM-Suite, some dialog boxes are too large for my screen.  What is the recommended screen resolution?

If you are running at a low screen resolution, certain dialog boxes may not fit within the screen display. 

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Long Titles Truncated on Graphs

My graph titles are being truncated in SLIM-Suite. Is there a way to fix this so that I can keep my chart title?

If a chart title or chart axis label is too long to fit in the allotted space, SLIM-Suite applications will truncate the text instead of wrapping to the next line. This happens on all QSM charts. There are a few options in this case:

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