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Is There a Limit on the Number of Projects That Can Be Loaded into SLIM-MasterPlan?


Is there a limit on the number of projects that can be loaded into SLIM-MasterPlan?

There is no limit to the number of projects you can load into MasterPlan other than what is allowed by the graphics and memory capabilities of your PC. But if your MasterPlan workbook includes an unusually large number of projects it may be difficult to see all the projects clearly on graphs.

Here are some suggestions for MasterPlan files with a large number of projects:

  • Place a single graph on each view to allow more room for MasterPlan to display the projects onscreen.
  • Use the Level of Detail tab in Gantt Chart Properties to adjust the number of levels shown
  • Group your projects by category, perhaps by division, year, budget, or program to make your MasterPlan estimates more meaningful
  • Consider moving projects which are more similar to iterations to SLIM-Estimate as a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
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