Staff Replan Capability in SLIM-Control


Can I use the forecast function to explore various staffing options?

When you run a forecast, SLIM-Control bases the future staffing profile on the peak staff and staffing shape defined in the current plan.

While Phase 3 is ongoing, run a tradeoff forecast to see the impact of increasing or decreasing staff and apply any resulting schedule tradeoff to your existing forecast.  To run a tradeoff forecast, select Control | Tradeoff Forecast… from the menu.

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SLIM-Control Staffing

Peak Staff in Solution Panel Doesn't Match Staffing Chart


The Solution Panel says my peak staff value is 10.3, but the Average Staffing Rate charts and reports show a peak staff of 10.1. What is causing this inconsistency?

The theoretical Rayleigh curve used to derive the values on the Solution Panel is a smooth curve resulting in different staffing numbers at each point along the x-axis. In drawing the Average Staffing chart, this smooth theoretical curve is approximated by a series of discrete staffing rates (with one bar, or average staffing rate value, per month).

Impact of Changing Phase Staffing Shapes


What is the impact of selecting various phase staffing shapes? When should I deviate from the default Rayleigh pattern, and how is my estimate affected?

We have found that the default Rayleigh pattern is the staffing pattern that best matches the application of effort to the work to be performed but due to staffing constraints or different software management styles, you may decide that another staffing pattern fits your organization or project better.

In general, the various staffing shapes can be described as follows: 

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