Frequently Asked Questions

Peak Staff in Solution Panel Doesn't Match Staffing Chart


The Solution Panel says my peak staff value is 10.3, but the Average Staffing Rate charts and reports show a peak staff of 10.1. What is causing this inconsistency?

The theoretical Rayleigh curve used to derive the values on the Solution Panel is a smooth curve resulting in different staffing numbers at each point along the x-axis. In drawing the Average Staffing chart, this smooth theoretical curve is approximated by a series of discrete staffing rates (with one bar, or average staffing rate value, per month).

The graph and solution panel values won't always match exactly because the graphical peak staff is always taken mid-month for any internal month while the solution panel always shows the highest peak staff point on the staffing curve (regardless of when it occurs). Usually the theoretical curve does not peak exactly at mid-month, so the true peak shown on the solution panel will not match the one on the average staffing charts unless the theoretical peak happens to fall at mid-month.

On large projects where a longer schedule allows a natural smoothing of the staffing curve, the theoretical peak staff will usually be close to the average staff rate value. On shorter projects, you can expect to see larger discrepancies.