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Menu Options Grayed Out in SLIM-Control


Sometimes, one or more of the menu items in SLIM-Control are grayed out and I'm not sure why.

Grayed out menu options generally denote features that will not become available until some condition has been satisfied. Here are some of the most common reasons a menu option may be unavailable:

1.     You're trying to edit a QSM Default custom metric or control bound. Since QSM default custom metrics and control bound definitions cannot be edited, the options for these metrics are grayed out. You can, however,  copy a QSM default metric or control bound definition and edit the copy.

2.     You're trying to enter actual data for a metric that has not started yet or is complete. Before you can enter actual data for a metric, you must first enter an actual start date for that metric. Likewise, once you've entered an actual end date for a metric, you will no longer be able to enter actual data for that metric. 

3.     You're trying to set a start or end date for a metric that is tied to a phase:  Start and end date fields for planned staffing/effort are disabled because staffing and effort data is always tied to a specific phase. For example, phase 2 effort begins on the first day of phase 2 and ends on the last day of phase 2. Start/end dates for each phase are defined on the Phases tab of the Plan property sheet (Control | Plan Data). 

Start dates for Defect metrics are customizable, but defect end dates are disabled because they coincide with the end of the life cycle.

4.     You're trying to enter a start or end date for an inactive phase. On the Plan | Phases tab, planned start or end dates can only be entered for active phases. To view/edit the active phases for the project, select Tools | Customize Project Environment and select the Phases tab.

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