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In the interest of supporting the software development industry, the following resources are available free of charge.

Making the First Cut: Sizing New Technology

By Mike Ross ( September 1997 )

This article discusses how you can estimate the size of something you’ve never done before.

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Measurement Improves Tender Evaluation

By Anthony Hemens ( September 1997 )

This article discusses how you can quantitatively evaluate potential suppliers and determine whether or not a potential supplier is likely to perform as promised.

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The Economics of Software Product Development

By Mike Ross ( April 1997 )

This article discusses capital investments we can make and process improvement policies we can adopt that will have a large impact on future projects.

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Team Size Can Be the Key to a Successful Project

By Doug Putnam ( April 1997 )

This article discusses how many people you should use on your development team.

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Estimating Millennium Resources

By Jim Greene ( November 1996 )

This article discusses what will happen to your date-dependent software when the year rolls from 1999 to 2000.

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Familiar Metric Management

By Larry Putnam Sr. ( December 1969 )

This article discusses the minimum amount of control needed to maintain the process.

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