Software Procurement and Vendor Management (DoD)

QSM helps defense and intelligence agencies force-multiply their software efforts.

Software Procurement and Vendor Management

Designed to: serve Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) software and IT procurement organizations.

The procurement of contracted software is one of the biggest challenges faced by both public and private sector organizations across the globe. All too often vendors deliver late, over budget, or with significantly less capability than was originally under contract. We can help your organization establish a quantitative vendor management process and put you back in control. We begin by establishing a solid understanding of the system requirements and use that information to perform an independent “should cost” estimate which explores all practical development strategies that any reasonable vendor might propose. We help you develop clear RFP language that sets the stage for better software contract management, and during decision stage, evaluate all of the bidders in a completely objective and transparent process which will hold up under any potential protest scrutiny. After award, our experts can continue support throughout the acquisition life cycle to provide quantitative assessment of vendor performance as it may vary from plans, using our adaptive forecasting capability to give you real time estimates of completion.

Software Procurement and Vendor Management Benefits

Gain the control and insight you need in acquiring complex software applications for your organization.

Eliminate surprises and confidently predict the end game.

Our estimating and forecasting solutions serve as a GPS to navigate your way past uncertainty throughout a project’s life-cycle.

Quickly assess practical alternatives.

Provides decision makers timely, practical alternatives to consider as realistic tradeoffs.

Return on Investment

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We offer a variety of industrial-strength solutions to meet all needs and budget requirements, including complete solutions, "lite" versions, and incremental build-outs.

We typically recommend a staged implementation, as it enables a client to realize significant value while getting to know our process. We also suggest working with us on a single project, to start. You’ll get a good feel for QSM consulting, its benefits, and its suitability for your organization.

Please contact our solution design consultants at 800 424-6755 to discuss your individual needs and constraints. We’ll draft a statement of work, and then work with your procurement team to get a master service agreement in place. Once a purchase order has been issued, we’ll start to execute the project.

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