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Smaller Project Teams Are More Productive

It's no secret we're advocates of smaller teams, but it's always nice when others agree. Baseline's Tony Kontzer leveraged some of our most recent data for an informative slideshow about team size.

At one time or another, almost all information technology professionals have heard cries for more resources. They may even have been the one asking for help. "If only there were more people available for this project," they've said, "then maybe it would get done on time." Well, it turns out that more staffing is not the equivalent of optimal staffing. In fact, smaller project teams are more productive and can complete projects cheaper and faster than larger ones, according to a recent study from software life cycle consultancy Quantitative Software Management. That should be good news for IT departments that have seen their ranks depleted in recent years.

To see more results from QSM's recent study, read Don Beckett's post on the correlation between staffing and schedule.

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