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Webinar: Successful Estimating Processes Using the SLIM API

On April 12, 2012 at 1:00 PM EDT, QSM will host a webinar focused on two successful implementations of the SLIM API presented by IBM's Carl Engel, State Street's Scott Lancaster, and QSM's Larry Putnam, Jr

How do best in class development organizations achieve maximum return on investment from their estimation programs? By leveraging the SLIM API for integrations between estimation tools and detail-oriented products, development teams are able to simplify estimation processes and broaden the estimation program user base. Presented by Carl Engel of IBM Global Services, Scott Lancaster of State Street, and Larry Putnam, Jr. of QSM, this webinar explores two successful implementations of the SLIM API between third party tools and the SLIM Suite. 

Carl Engel is the Estimating Program Manager for IBM's Global Business Services responsible for the development and deployment of performance benchmarking and estimating process, methods and tools including the support for nearly 1,000 SLIM Suite users. Carl has been with IBM for 12 years as an Associate Partner and has had previous roles as the program manager for IBM's project management methodology and tools. He is an IBM certified Executive Project Manager, PMP with over 30 years of program and project management experience primarily in very large scale efforts in the nuclear industry and U.S. National Laboratories.

Scott Lancaster heads the Estimation Center of Excellence at State Street where he has established a standard estimation and tracking practice for IT projects based on industry-standard approaches using QSM’s SLIM best-in-class tools. He assists teams and their business partners in implementing the framework and tools. Prior to his role as evangelist for the Estimation COE, he led the vision for the Basel II Program Management Office’s ability to manage and report nearly 200 business and IT projects across 16 work-streams. Scott began his interest in estimation 20 years ago while working for Intel and has helped numerous companies and dozens of projects improve their estimates using SLIM ever since. Scott has over 22 years of experience in the technology industry and is a certified Project Management Professional and certified SLIM Estimation Professional.

Larry Putnam, Jr. has 25 years of experience using the Putnam-SLIM Methodology. He has participated in hundreds of estimation and oversight service engagements, and is responsible for product management of the SLIM Suite of software measurement tools and customer care programs. Since becoming Co-CEO, Larry has built QSM’s capabilities in sales, customer support, product requirements and most recently in creating a world class consulting organization. He has been instrumental in getting QSM product integrations validated as “Ready for Rational” as an IBM Business partner. Larry has delivered numerous speeches at conferences on software estimation and measurement, and has trained – over a five-year period – more than 1,000 software professionals on industry best practice measurement, estimation and control techniques and in the use of the SLIM Suite.

View the replay of this webinar.

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