Phil Armour

Phil Armour

Senior Consultant

Phil has been developing software for very nearly 40 years on both sides of the Atlantic. He has been a programmer, analyst, project manager, corporate DBA, systems architect, process engineer, metrics engineer, consultant, and executive coach and has worked with and built systems for organizations as diverse as United Airlines, Motorola, Argonne National Laboratory, General Dynamics, the IRS, the premier software consulting company in India, and the largest cellular service provider in Central West Africa.  Phil has personally taught software development techniques, project management principles, and project estimation practices to over 20,000 developers, engineers, managers, and executives and in the past has been a member of the adjunct/ external faculty at the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management and at the Mendoza School of Business at the University of Notre Dame.

Phil first used SLIM-Estimate back in 1991 (the DOS version) and has used almost every single estimation tool available in the nearly 30 years he has been working with such tools on projects with many different companies and government agencies.  

Since 2000, Phil has been a contributing editor on the Association for Computing Machinery’s flagship magazine “Communications of the ACM” writing a regular column entitled “The Business of Software” where he explores issues to do with the nature and challenges of modern software with a particular emphasis on project estimation.

Phil is the author of The Laws of Software Process published by Auerbach/CRC Press in 2003.  

He is a senior member of the ACM and a long time member of the IEEE.  Phil received a Dual Honors degree in Physics and Pure Mathematics from Sheffield University, England, in 1972. 

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