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Frequently Asked Questions - Historical Data Collection

Collecting completed project data is a SLIM best practice because it provides three important benefits:

  • Base new project estimates on known capabilities and validate estimate assumptions (size, productivity, effort/cost/staff)
  • Calibrate SLIM production model to reflect your project environment and development methods
  • Benchmark performance against industry and create custom trends with SLIM-Metrics

SLIM-DataManager is QSM's historical project data repository, used to manage the QSM industry database.  It is typically included with your SLIM-Suite license.  The Training Registration page provides information about our self-paced training module that you can register to take immediately.  The SLIM-DataManager Guided Tour and SLIM-Suite Overview videos highlight key product features and use cases, available on the Support Video Tutorials page.

Watch our Capture and Enter Historical Data video to get started.

Review Reconstructing Completed Projects for help in identifying sources of data from project artifacts, such as requirements documents, or conducting simple internal surveys. 

Two SLIM-DataManager SmartSheets provide a spreadsheet-style interface for interfacing with SLIM-DataManager using the DataManager API - Data Extraction SmartSheet and Data Importer SmarSheet.  These are available for download from the Utilities section of the Downloads page.

Contact QSM Support for help with completed project data collection and analysis.


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