SLIM-Suite Video Tutorials

SLIM-Suite Application Guided Tours and Special Topics

SLIM-Suite Video Tutorials

We are pleased to offer this new series of SLIM-Suite video tutorials. Whether you are a new or experienced user, these tutorials will help you get the most from your SLIM experience.

General Topics

SLIM-Suite Guided Tours

SLIM-Suite Guided Tour video tutorials walk you through typical ways each application is used for software life cycle management - from estimation to closeout, projects to portfolios. Follow along using the Guided Tour section of the corresponding application's user guide, found in your Document\QSM\Toolsxx\Documentation folder


This section presents tutorials on special topics and tool features that support the estimation process.


The QSM SLIM Training Course and Tutorial Library provides a catalog of video-based training modules and QSM User Forum video replays. Select the video you want to access and click on the link to register, or contact QSM Support for more information.

To learn more about QSM and the SLIM-Suite of software estimating and life cycle management tools, or schedule a demo, Contact QSM