Cost Analysis and Estimation (DoD)

QSM helps defense and intelligence agencies force-multiply their software efforts.

Cost Analysis and Estimation

Designed for: Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) Costing Organizations and Program Offices.

We understand the importance of fiscal responsibility for software and IT acquisition. At QSM, we strive to provide our customers with critical insight to their software costs through quantitative estimation and assessment. QSM experts can enter at any point in your software acquisition or sustainment life cycle and provide a credible analysis of your software project costs. We have extensive experience in supporting focused software cost analysis, including developing software cost products for various independent cost estimates (ICEs) business case analysis (BCA) and cost estimating relationships (CERs).

Cost Analysis and Estimation Benefits

Conduct your software cost development and validation activities through a proven, credible and data-driven process.

Leverage software cost estimation experts with experience across government domains and software development/sustainment methodologies.

Return on Investment

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We offer a variety of industrial-strength solutions to meet all needs and budget requirements, including complete solutions, "lite" versions, and incremental build-outs.

We typically recommend a staged implementation, as it enables a client to realize significant value while getting to know our process. We also suggest working with us on a single project, to start. You’ll get a good feel for QSM consulting, its benefits, and its suitability for your organization.

Please contact our solution design consultants at 800 424-6755 to discuss your individual needs and constraints. We’ll draft a statement of work, and then work with your procurement team to get a master service agreement in place. Once a purchase order has been issued, we’ll start to execute the project.

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