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QSM Partners with Digital Celerity for CA World 2013

We are pleased to announce QSM's partnership with Digital Celerity LLC, a leader in Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) and IT Service Management expert services and solutions, for CA World 2013

At the event, representatives from both QSM and Digital Celerity will showcase how QSM's SLIM Suite of Tools feeds project estimation data into the CA ClarityTM PPM tool to allow for improved planning and resource allocation. Out of the top 10 systems integrators in the world, seven rely on SLIM intelligence. By engaging in this type of top-down estimating, analytics for project planning can be fed into PPM tools such as CA ClarityTM PPM. Resulting analytics include detailed plans for effort by labor category, time period and project size. Leveraging SLIM tools with CA ClarityTM PPM pushes project risk identification to the earlier proposal and feasibility stages in the project lifecycle, which can significantly reduce the risk of project failure. 

The conference, which takes place April 21-24, 2013 in Las Vegas, NV, will showcase the latest and most innovative technologies for delivering optimal business results. Stop by QSM booth #115 to learn more about how SLIM enhances PPM tools.

For more details about this partnership, read the full press release.

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