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New Faces in QSM Support

The next time you call or email QSM for support, you may notice a few unfamiliar names or voices. That's because QSM Research and Support is growing!

The first addition to our team is Katie Costantini. Katie joined QSM as a temporary summer intern in May of this year. We were so delighted by the quality of her work that we recently offered her a full time position at QSM as a Technical Support and Documentation specialist.

Katie Costantini joins QSM Research and Technical Support with three years of customer service experience under her belt. Over the summer, she has been working hard to upgrade our product documentation to a newer platform and format. You'll see some of her work in the next edition of SLIM-Suite manuals and help. She also assisted with the redesign of our new FAQs page and has been helping us revamp our ramp up documentation and processes. Katie graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University cum laude with a B.S. in Economics and a minor in Latin and Roman Studies. Raised in a Marine Corps family (ooh rah!), Katie has lived in California, North Carolina, Virginia, and Cairo, Egypt.

Over the next year, Kate will be working on support documentation and the next update of the QSM database and industry trend lines. Her strong quantitative background and stellar organizational skills are already helping us bring about some exciting changes that we'll be unveiling soon!

The second (chronologically speaking) addition to QSM Research & Support is Laura Zuber:

Laura comes to us with an impressive 20 years of experience with various aspects of software development consulting and training. She has conducted training and demonstrations for all QSM SLIM Suite Tools, so she's well prepared to tackle your toughest support questions. Before joining QSM, Laura managed software development projects and served as a senior software process improvement specialist at SAIC. She has performed process assessments, designed and implemented best practices, and co-lead the corporate metrics training program. Laura holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University, where her master’s thesis was on risk analysis using advanced Monte Carlo simulation techniques.

Laura has jumped right into technical support - in addition to conducting SLIM-Suite training here in McLean from time to time, she is also conducting ramp up sessions and answering support questions. In her spare time (!), Laura is working on our new SLIM-Estimate Certification Exam and leveraging her knack for structure and organization to help us do a better job of sharing technical resources and documenting estimation best practices.

Should you have the opportunity to work with either Katie or Laura, I hope you'll take a moment to welcome them to the QSM family!

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