SLIM-Suite Installations and Upgrades

SLIM-Suite Installations and Upgrades

Installing the Latest Version

The latest version of SLIM-Suite is version 10.1a.  Version 9.0e and 10.0c setup files are also available for download using the link below:

Download Setup Files

The SLIM-Suite 10.1 setup file can be used to:

  • Install SLIM-Suite 10.1 for the first time. 

Installing SLIM-Suite 10.1 does not upgrade earlier versions of SLIM-Suite, nor does it remove them from your machine. To remove previous versions of SLIM-Suite, uninstall them via Windows Control Panel | Programs and Features.

NOTE for clients running SLIM-Suite in a multi-user environment: Workbooks created in earlier major releases of SLIM-Suite (e.g., 9.0 or 10.0) must be upgraded before they can be viewed or edited in version 10.1a. Once upgraded to 10.1 format, these workbooks will no longer be compatible with earlier versions of SLIM-Suite. For this reason, clients who regularly exchange or share SLIM-Suite files may wish to coordinate upgrades with the rest of their team.

Detailed instructions for installing SLIM-Suite 

Upgrading Earlier Versions of SLIM-Suite (10.0a-b, 9.0a-d, 8.2a-b)

To upgrade SLIM-Suite versions 10.0a-b, 9.0a-d to the latest available point release (10.0c or 9.0e), simply download and run the Setup file for the version you are upgrading.  To download any Setup file, you'll need the username and password from the license email that corresponds to the version you are upgrading. During the upgrade, if you are prompted for license information (most users will NOT be), enter the version-specific registration and activation codes from the corresponding license email.

Major releases of SLIM-Suite (e.g., versions 10.1, 10.0, or 9.0) can be installed and run in parallel on the same machine. Each application installs separately, resides in its own folder, and provides its own support, sample, and template files. Installing a SLIM-Suite major release does not upgrade prior major releases of SLIM-Suite, nor does it remove them from your machine. To remove previous versions of SLIM-Suite, uninstall them via Windows Control Panel | Programs and Features.

Detailed instructions for installing SLIM-Suite

Download Setup Files


To Install SLIM-Suite:

1. To download and install a major release of SLIM-Suite (ex: 10.1, 10.0, or 9.0), you'll need the following:

  • User names and passwords required to download the setup file. These can be found in your upgrade notice or license email. Please note that usernames and passwords are case sensitive.
  • License and activation codes for the specific major release you are installing (e.g., 10.1, 10.0, or 9.0):
    • You will find your license and activation codes in your version specific license email.
    • If you cannot locate your license email, contact your software administrator or email QSM for assistance.
  • Make sure you are logged into Windows with administrative rights.

2. Download the setup file to a folder on your PC.

3. Run the setup file and enter the company name, location, registration code, and activation code from your license e-mail.  You may copy and paste this information into the Setup dialogs, but be careful not to capture and paste in leading or trailing spaces.  NOTE:  If you are upgrading an existing SLIM-Suite major release to a point release (e.g., 10.0.a or b to 10.0c) and your license is current, you will not be prompted to enter this information.

4. Setup will install all SLIM-Suite applications for which it detects valid licenses. Once setup completes, a message will confirm that the products have been successfully installed. You will be able to access SLIM-Suite applications from the Windows Start menu, or the desktop shortcut (if installed).


Questions? See our Installation FAQs page.

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