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QSM Releases SLIM-Suite 10.3

Product Update Includes Improvements Designed to Save Time and Increase Consistency in Project & Portfolio Analysis

MCLEAN, VA, May 20, 2021 - Quantitative Software Management, Inc. (QSM), is pleased to announce the release of SLIM-Suite 10.3, the latest version of QSM’s flagship software management tool suite. SLIM-Suite is used by development and system integration firms worldwide to estimate, track, and benchmark software and systems cost, effort, schedule, and quality metrics using industry or user-defined statistics and regression trends. 

The newest release provides several small, yet powerful improvements designed to save time and increase consistency. Improvements to SLIM-Estimate's Skills Breakout configuration make it easier to fine-tune skill categories and labor rates to support better resource demand planning at both the project and portfolio levels.  Additionally, the tool's API now exposes the Sizing and PI (Productivity Index, QSM's proprietary productivity measure) calculators for users who wish to leverage these features directly from a spreadsheet or other external applications.

SLIM-DataManager, QSM's database repository tool, has new functionality designed to make it easier to validate, understand, and analyze your portfolio of projects. Power editing and enhanced keyword management allow quick changes to multiple projects right from the master project list. Power editing makes it easy to add/update descriptive “tags” used to group projects into relevant categories for benchmarking and estimate calibration.

In addition to the new configuration capabilities, SLIM-Suite 10.3 features new agile enhancements, such as an updated SLIM-Estimate agile template. SLIM-Estimate and SLIM-Control now allow users to instantly toggle the display of agile increment lines between sprints, program increments, or both levels of detail.

"The pandemic has put enormous pressure on business leaders to utilize resources wisely while juggling development teams in remote locations," said Larry Putnam, Jr., Co-CEO for QSM. "Our goal with SLIM-Suite 10.3 was to make project and portfolio planning quicker and easier at every step of the process, saving precious time and money."

SLIM-Suite utilizes data derived from the QSM Metrics Database, drawing from over 13,000 completed software projects from North and South America, Australia, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

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