Frequently Asked Questions

Customizing SLIM-Estimate Templates

SLIM-Estimate has several project environment settings that should be configured to match your development life cycle activities, application type, sizing technique, and others.  These resources will guide you through the process.  Remember that most SLIM-Suite license come with free, unlimited support.  Contact your Account Representative or QSM Support to set up a coaching session, where we'll guide you step-by-step to create a custom estimation template.

The Quick Reference Guide summarizes the fields most often tailored to customize SLIM-Estimate templates to model your project environment. It provides at-a-glance information on where to find each field, default values, and the benefits of customization.

Our Configuring SLIM-Estimate Templates tutorial video and downloadable PDF guide presents the purpose of major configuration settings and where to find them in SLIM-Estimate, along with how-to helpful hints.

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