Quick Reference

Quick Reference

SLIM Suite Quick Reference Guide

Have you ever found yourself wondering which SLIM tool to use for a task, or what interfacing features are available for various SLIM Suite applications? We've created a handy Quick Reference Guide that offers a concise, "at a glance" summary of the great features built into SLIM Suite! This one page table is chock full of useful information about import/export capabilities, major tool features, and interfaces to other SLIM tools or applications like Microsoft Project and IBM Rational Focal Point and Rational Team Concert.

Here's what you'll find:

  • Tool descriptions and features
  • Workbook extensions for each application
  • API (Application Programmer's Interface) and third party integration availability by application
  • Which settings and data can be imported into each tool
  • Export options for charts, reports, and project data

Whether you've licensed one or two applications or the entire tool suite, we hope our Quick Reference Guide will be a helpful resource. 

You can find more resources in the QSM Support section of our website.

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