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Webinar - Avoiding Disaster in IT Outsourcing: A Quantitative Solution for Vendor Management

On Thursday, Jan 29th at 1:00 PM EST, QSM's Joseph Madden will present "Avoiding Disaster in IT Outsourcing: A Quantitative Solution for Vendor Management."

In the Forbes article “Now Every Company is a Software Company,” David Kirkpatrick argues “regardless of industry your company is now a software company, and pretending that it’s not spells serious peril.”

As organizations in nearly every industry sector transform into software companies, many executives, project managers, and procurement departments are being thrust into the role of managing IT vendors on software projects, yet they do not have the expertise to do so effectively. Typical pain points include:

  • inability to access whether vendor is overcharging;
  • ineffective methods for assessing technical ability of vendor to perform; 
  • no objective measure to assess quality at delivery leading to unacceptable technical debt;
  • significant cost and schedule overruns from bad estimates and lowball bids; 
  • and worst of all, outsourcing so much so that the company loses all in-house knowledge of its own “secret sauce” in the software and loses its competitive advantage. 

On the vendor side there are often situations where the IT vendor is unintentionally cornered into a no-win “death march” project. The good news is that there is a proven vendor management solution that can reduce or eliminate most of these risks and create a win-win for both purchasers and vendors.

In this session, Joseph Madden, QSM's Vice President of Professional Services, will provide an overview of how leveraging a quantitative solution can improve vendor management on IT contracts. The webinar is based on real-life lessons learned and case studies from QSM - a recognized industry leader and pioneer in the field of software estimation and control.

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