Practical Software Estimation Measurement

Webinar - A Practical Approach to Measuring Software Development Productivity

On Oct. 2, 11:00 AM EST, QSM's Phil Armour will present "A Practical Approach to Measuring Software Development Productivity" as part of the ITMPI Webinar Series. 

Most measurements in software development are notoriously difficult and assessing productivity is no exception. There are an enormous number of factors that could or do affect productivity, and it is challenging to identify and characterize what they might be. The effort involved often deters organizations from even attempting to quantify how effective they are at building systems. This webinar will present a useful and practical approach to productivity measurement based on a mathematical model of systems development and over thirty years of research. It will also describe the core mathematical functions that relate to the major attributes of systems development, show how a useful productivity metric can be calculated from project history, and demonstrate how QSM’s database of over 10,000 projects support this view of software development productivity.

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