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Webinar Replay: Estimating Before Requirements with Function Points and Other Metrics

Our recent webinar, Estimating Before Requirements with Function Points and Other Metrics, was a huge success! If you were unable to attend, a replay and pdf version of the slides are now available. If you have any questions regarding this material or QSM's Function Point Analysis services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

It is well known that project estimating based on parametric models has reached a sophistication where realistic estimates, schedules and predictable outcomes are indeed possible given a set of software and systems requirements. However, increasingly with the fast pace of Agile and other development methods is the requirement for estimates much earlier in the life cycle. What happens when project estimating moves back a full phase – before requirements, and acquisition managers, contractors, auditors and financial analysts are forced to develop and analyze estimates based on unknown requirements? Presented by industry expert Carol Dekkers, this presentation examines how to identify and document assumptions, create a logical and traceable project map including locations of potential “landmines” (calculated risks) that accompany this preliminary estimating. Experienced estimating professionals and contract managers will find a basis for common ground in this presentation – as the advice presented will create the basis for dialog and discussion of early estimates.

Watch the full replay here!

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