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QSM Database Update

It’s time to update QSM’s industry trends and we need your help! Contributing data ensures that the database reflects a wide spectrum of project types, languages, and development methods. It helps us conduct ground-breaking research and improve our suite of estimation, tracking, and benchmarking tools. Contributors benefit from the ability to sanity-check estimates, ongoing projects, and completed projects against the best industry trends in the business.

 We're validating over 400 new projects, but we can always use more – especially in the Real Time, Microcode, and Process Control application domains. So what do you need to do to ensure your firm is represented in the next trend line update? That’s easy! Simply send us your DataManager (.smp files) or completed SLIM-Control (.scw) workbooks. Here’s the recommended minimum data set:

  • Project Name
  • Status = “Completed” only – no estimates or in progress projects
  • Application type and sub-type (if applicable)
  • Phase 3 time. Can be calculated from the phase end/start date or entered as a value (e.g.: 3.2 months)
  • Phase 3 effort
  • Effective Size (the number of new and or modified functional size units used to measure the application – objects, SLOC, function points, database tables). Please include a gearing factor if the project was sized in something other than Source Lines of Code

Additional information allows us to perform more sophisticated queries:

  • Description: a brief summary of the project. Can include architecture, special challenges, tools and methods used, and most importantly, a more specific description of the purpose of (or functionality provided by) the project.
  • Defects and MTTD during the first month after delivery
  • Industry and Sector for which the project was developed
  • # of Requirements
  • Programming languages, with % of total for each if available
  • Time, Effort, and Cost overrun/under run information.
  • Size and Requirements Growth

Non-disclosure forms are available upon request but regardless of whether we have a non-disclosure on file, QSM never releases client data to third parties except in summary form. Individual projects or companies are never identified. We take your trust – and your confidentiality - very seriously. Please call or email today to find out how you can be a part of the next QSM database update!

Kate Armel: 301 865-8242




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