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"Managing Productivity with Proper Staffing" Webinar Replay Available

Just before the holidays, we hosted our first in-house webinar, "Managing Productivity with Proper Staffing Strategies." Confronted with challenges presented by the current economy, we see more and more systems development groups trying to do more with less.  The ultimate goal is to maximize productivity and minimize defects, but many teams struggle to get there.  It is possible, but the most effective methods used to achieve maximum efficiency are counter-intuitive.  People always think more effort will produce more product.  The fact is using less effort is often more effective.  Presented by industry expert, John Bryant, this webinar explains and proves the correct way to maximize productivity while at the same time minimizing cost and defects. 


John Bryant has over forty years of IT experience.  He spent the last several years using the SLIM Suite of Tools to improve the software development process by properly estimating, tracking, and analyzing software development efforts.  His expertise includes project management, teaching and mentoring from initial project evaluation and planning through construction. 


In case you missed it, you can view the replay of this webinar here

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