Webinar Download - Agile Estimation: Beyond the Myths

Webinar Download - Agile Estimation: Beyond the Myths

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Agile Estimation: Beyond the Myths

When it comes to agile, there are common myths and misconceptions about estimation. In this webinar offers corrections to these, such as:

  • Why we still need to estimate duration on agile projects
  • Why velocity is not constant on a project, or across projects
  • Why setting expectations based on scope is still important, even as we “embrace change”
  • Why burndown charts will not be straight lines
  • Why you still need to plan for work onrequirements, even though it’s not all "upfront"

While some longstanding principles about software estimation still apply, agile methods require some significant changes to how we estimate. This webinar shows you how to tailor estimation tools and methods specifically to an agile development environment to estimate, measure, and analyze your agile software development projects. The webinar demonstrates how top-down estimation fits with the principles of agile development, and will discuss what needs to be estimated, how size factors in, and how to accommodate different iteration lengths and types of work. This will allow you to optimize the choices and plans for the work of your agile teams.