QSM Research - Understanding the Physics of Software Projects

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QSM Research - Understanding the Physics of Software Projects

In this presentation, Larry Putnam, Jr. reviews some of Larry Putnam Sr’s original research and the data that it was based on.  He then explores if that original research continues to stand the test of time when compared with data derived from modern development approaches.  He also shows how modern agile development practices exploits some of the laws Larry discovered 40 years ago.  Finally, he discusses the role of estimation in today’s increasingly agile world.

Larry has over 30 years of experience using the Putnam-SLIM Methodology. He has participated in more than 100 estimation and oversight service engagements, and is responsible for product management of the SLIM-Suite of measurement tools and customer care programs. Since becoming Co-CEO & Managing Partner of Products and Customer Care, Larry has developed a new customer care program that has increased customer satisfaction levels by 50 percent and increased client license renewals by 46 percent. Larry is a member of and active participant in numerous measurement and quality organizations and has delivered numerous speeches at conferences on software estimation and measurement, and has trained – over a five-year period – more than 1,000 software professionals in measurement and estimation and the use of the SLIM-Suite.

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