QSM Software Almanac: 2016 Edition

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QSM Software Almanac: 2016 Edition

QSM Software Almanac: 2016 Edition

The 2016 Software Almanac provides industry leaders with a single resource for examining the history of software estimation and explores how estimation principles remain relevant despite significant changes in software development methodologies.

This year’s Almanac is truly unique in its look back at more than three decades of software project estimation, which ultimately concludes that many historical processes and principles are still very much applicable today. In an era when we are more dependent on software than ever before, this resource can serve as a guide to why it is important to adhere to these historically successful principles and how to make the necessary adjustments to ensure the delivery of reliable software.

Addressing an increased focus on risk management and cyber vulnerabilities when it comes to software, this year’s Almanac focuses on “A Changing World: Applying Old Lessons to New Cases.”  It analyzes how code and basic metrics were utilized in the infancy of software estimation, emphasizing the five core metrics, project management and best practices associated with software estimation. The resource contains a foreword from Lawrence H. Putnam, Sr., Founder and President Emeritus of QSM, who was a pioneer of the industry 35 years ago.    

Much of the content in the 2016 QSM Software Almanac is derived from the QSM Metrics Database, drawing data from over 10,000 completed software projects from North and South America, Australia, Europe, Africa, and Asia, representing over 740 million lines of code, 600+ development languages, and 105,833 person years of effort. 

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